14th August 2018

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“By now you should’ve realised what you’ve got to do …”

Results day, the two words that A-level students dread. After my exams were over I just felt pure elation and freedom, it is a sensation that truly cannot be put into words. But I quickly realised that all of my hard work for the past 2 years is now over and there is nothing more that I can do.

What a delightful thought that is.

Waiting for my results over the summer has definitely been a challenging experience. In everything I do its always sitting there in the back of my mind eating away at my thoughts.

Having a healthy distraction can be a good way of coping with this, such as getting a part-time job or just enjoying the summer with friends.

But when results day finally comes, it is important to be ready. I am aiming to go and get my results as early as possible. Ideally once I get my results, I will be into my firm or insurance choice. But if I don’t, I will need to go through clearing.

Certainly not ideal.

Over the summer I have been looking at clearing courses at different universities. I found it helpful to make notes on the details of the course and their phone number so that I am prepared come results day. Rather than running about like a headless chicken and taking the first offer that I receive in a moment of blind panic.

Personally, results day is crucial because I am in love with everything about my firm choice. I am so excited about the thought of going there this September. So I am approaching results day with huge excitement and of course spine-tingling nerves.

But for now I all I can do is hope that all has gone well and that results day will turn out to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.