The Final Countdown

21st August 2018

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“and maybe we’ll come back … will things ever be the same?”

The return to school after the summer holidays always will be just a distant thought for every pupil out there snapchatting, messaging, binging Netflix or heaven forbid actually socialising with other human beings!

For now that’s just what it is, a distant thought. But believe me, its coming. Whether you like it or not. So if you are going back for another invigorating year of learning, you may as well be prepared.

Just be glad you’re not a student in South Korea. Their summer holiday starts in late July and ends in mid-August, and in this period they spend most of their time taking additional classes. This may be the reason why the South Korean education system is so advanced, but that is a different matter.

Right now back to the matter in hand.

Many of you out there won’t have held a pen for almost 6 weeks! Except maybe to make a note of something your Mum has just barked at you to do. So a good start would be to rummage through your pencil case to look for any sign of a pen. Did you find one? If so congratulations are in order (if not march yourself down to your local Wilko and stock up). This is your first step to succeeding in the upcoming school year.

With that pen, and hopefully many others throughout the year, you will be able to learn new things. The knowledge you obtain in school is a powerful tool that will never fail you. 

To get in the right mindset for school, I always made sure that I had quickly looked through my old textbooks and exercise books from the previous year. I found that, once I had deciphered my own handwriting, the knowledge I obtained from the previous year came flooding back to me.

I would strongly advise giving this a try, if you’re able to tear yourself away from Netflix or snapchat for a brief period of time. Not only will this remind you of what the point of going to school is, but it should also allow you to brush off those cobwebs come your first lesson back.

My final piece of advice for anyone returning to school this year is to focus. The value of your education cannot be truly conveyed, since you only get out of it what you put in. As I am writing this I cannot help but be reminded of what my old A-level Politics teacher repeated to our class like a mantra: “you cannot put a price on a good A-level”. This can be applied to any stage of education. By focusing you will be able to leave school with an education rich in knowledge and with qualifications beyond value.

So in short, make sure you get a pen.