Revising For GCSE Mini Assessments

25th March 2021

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How to nail revising for GCSE Mini Assessments

gcse mini assessments

It’s safe to say that this year has been unlike no other so it’s no surprise that the GCSE exams are looking a little different this year. We understand you might be panicking a little but remember that ultimately, you can only do your best and your teachers want the best outcome for you!

Revising will be your number one friend throughout the Easter holidays so we have a few, free YFT tips and tricks that we hope will help:

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Check out 100+ GCSE lessons on Youtube
  3. Download our free revision timetable
  4. Listen to our GCSE podcasts on Spotify
  5. Download our free Macbeth workbook

Sign up for a Free Account

If you sign up for a free Your Favourite Teacher account, you will have full access to a range of course materials such as:

AQA Language Paper 1 Section A

Reading Skills


Lord of the Flies



P2 Electricity

B1 Cell Biology

YFT register

Check out our Youtube with 100+ lessons

Our Youtube has over 100 GCSE lessons that work through key topics in easy, manageable chunks.

mini assessments revision

This is super handy if there is a certain area you’re not so confident on. Our Lockdown Lessons playlist even features free downloadable worksheets and answers which is perfect for GCSE revision of core subjects.

mini assessments support

Download our free revision timetable

It may not be normal exams but it doesn’t mean a revision timetable isn’t necessary! This will really help you manage your time and tackle those tricky topics across the Easter holiday’s. Download this snazzy timetable here, print it off and stick it up on your fridge!

free revision timetable

Check out our Spotify Podcast

You might find it easier to pop in your headphones and listen to a podcast so why not head over to our Spotify? Our teachers go through exam papers, GCSE English literature texts and more which act as a great refresher if you need it.

free lessons on spotify

Download our free Macbeth workbook

Your Favourite Teacher is filled to the brim with worksheets and resources to support your learning. However, we know Shakespeare is tricky to revise so we have got a free Macbeth workbook ready to download that we hope you find useful!

macbeth revision