‘Online school’ Your Favourite Teacher offers free GCSE lessons to BBC to help locked-out pupils

11th January 2021

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‘Online school’ Your Favourite Teacher offers free GCSE lessons to BBC to help locked-out pupils

  • YFT has over 500 full lessons for GCSE English, Maths and Science
  • YFT will be adding daily lockdown lessons for free onto its YouTube channel
  • Leading education supplier to young athletes – used by Premier Football clubs Arsenal, Chelsea and Man United

‘Virtual classroom’ Your Favourite Teacher is offering its 500+ library of GCSE lessons for free to the BBC and other partners to help pupils locked out of learning by school closures.

Following Monday’s announcement of school closures across the UK, the BBC has committed to broadcasting as least two hours of secondary education content per day. This is particularly critical for 14 and 15 year-olds who are gearing up for their GCSE exams in 2022.

YFT’s virtual classroom provides full lessons which pupils can use as a complete replacement for in-person classes, rather than the revision and extra study materials provided by most other online learning tools.

YFT is already the primary source of remote education for elite young athletes in the academies of Premier League clubs including Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. Its success in engaging teenage football academy boys in the core GCSE subjects makes it well equipped to support a much wider range of learners from all backgrounds needing to learn from home.

YFT will also be making some of its content available for free on its YouTube channel.

Kate Meeks, Founder of Your Favourite Teacher, says: “As schools are forced to close, the requirement for quality online learning is paramount – we want to help. We would love to provide our content for free to the BBC or another partner to make sure GCSE students get the full English, Maths and Science lessons they are going to need at home.”

“The BBC has been asked to provide critically-important material for pupils with virtually no warning or lead time. This is where businesses like YFT need to step up and help. We have countless hours of the best content there is for GCSE students and we’re looking for a partner that can get it into the homes of as many pupils as possible.”

“There are a lot of providers who offer revision material and study aids for students, but none can deliver the full courses that YFT has. None have the track record of getting students in unusual situations – like young footballers – through their GCSEs.”

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