Mr Brightside

16th July 2018

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‘Coming out of my cage, and I’ll be doing just fine…’

Welcome back, to the ramblings of Miss Meeks. Once dedicated teacher until the system finally broke my soul in November 2017.

I never would have thought 6 months ago when I last posted a blog that I would now be running my own business.

**Queue imposter syndrome**

BUT it is true. After leaving my school I had a few weeks of wallowing in my pity party for one. Then, I snapped myself into action, and started down the road of an ‘Ed – Tech – Entrepreneur’ – so grown up, I know…

Your Favourite Teacher was born and I truly haven’t looked back. This blog is no longer a look into the life of a disillusioned English teacher, but an insight into what it means to take that leap and place a bet on yourself.


I am getting there. After a few serious pep talks from all the people that matter I was pumped and ready for life as a #femaleboss. As it turns out world domination does not happen overnight – how disappointing?!

What I do have is my small but incredible team around me, a website, a plan and a promise to bring quality education to the kids that need it the most.

So today, you get to look around at the start of what I believe will be a very special advance in education.

Welcome to ‘Your Favourite Teacher’.