Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation

21st April 2020

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Your Favourite Teacher and The Mindful Squad: working together to manage emotional health!

mindfulness and emotional healthWe’ll introduce you to the amazing benefits of Mindfulness, so you can start you on your journey to emotional health.

Mindfulness includes a range of techniques such as meditation, breathing and reflection. As a result, you’ll be better equipped to manage stress and improve your overall well-being.

Within the course you’ll learn about a range of topics including dealing with your emotions, gratitude, kindness and breathing meditation techniques. Support your learning with downloadable worksheets and activities.

Take a moment to care for yourself, because your mental health matters.

Normally £20 per month, the course is currently reduced to just £10 per month for for May and June 2020.

1: Introduction and Breathing

Learn the foundations of a mindful approach and learn practical breathing exercises.

2: Gratitude and Meditation

Explore what makes you happy, and how gratitude can improve your mindset.

3: Kindness and Meditation

Learn the importance of inner kindness and self-perception.

4: Emotions

Find out how to understand and manage your emotions. Identify what you’re feeling and take charge of your responses.

Download this fantastic Gratitude Tree worksheet to use alongside the preview video we’ve posted on Facebook!

The Mindfulness course is a welcome addition to the range of English, Maths, Science and Sports Performance courses already on offer on the Your Favourite Teacher platform.

Purchase the Mindfulness Course, or find out more about the courses on offer at Your Favourite Teacher.

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