Managing Money Podcast Series

11th August 2020

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Managing Money Podcast Series

Over the summer, we have been in conversation with money saving guru Laura Moore, who has given us lots of tips on how best to manage money. This is something many adults wish they had learned in school. You know it’s true! This podcast series is great for students to get into the habit of doing sooner rather than later!

Episode 1: Budgeting

Episode one talks about the importance of having a budget, the best ways to set a budget and dispelling any negativity that comes with saying you have one! 

Episode 2: Savings

Episode two is all about savings! Whether you have a part time job, or it’s money from family/a special occasion, we discuss the importance of setting savings goals (and sticking to them!) We also talk about having savings even if you’re not saving towards something specific. 

Episode 3: Peer Pressure & University 

Our final episode looks at how to overcome peer pressure and being influenced by advertisements on social media. We finish off with why it’s so important to save for university and the hidden costs you might not know about when you get there! 



To listen to the episodes now, click on the episode titles above. Or, simply search ‘Your Favourite Teacher’ on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Podbean. Happy listening!