Lockdown League Competition for Football Academies

19th February 2021

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Lockdown League Competition for Football Academies

Lockdown League competition for academy players

The Catch Up Cup was so well received last year, we couldn’t resist launching V2: The Lockdown League!

After a disruptive year, we knew the perfect way to bring players together would be by an epic competition like no other! 4 weeks of learning challenges and points to be gained, who knows which team will claim the title!
football academy competition
Intrigued? You should be! Here’s what you need to know:

When is it?

8th of March – 2nd of April

Who is invited?

U14 – U16 academy players across the Premier League and English Football League

What is involved?

English and Maths tasks on our platform

A weekly challenge to earn points for your club

Why bother?

This competition is a great opportunity to represent your club off the pitch whilst improving your education.

Top prizes and pride for key point scorers and the winning team

lockdown league competition

These challenges will not only support any gaps in learning during lockdown but will be the perfect way to engage players and  have a lot of fun!

We cannot wait for kick off! If you would like your Football Academy players to participate, you can book in a call to find out more information,  or email kate@yourfavouriteteacher.com