Let it go…

10th November 2018

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“Let the storm rage on…”


Yes, that old chestnut, thrown about everywhere in every situation these days. It’something we are told we need to practise in our lives on a daily basis, if we want to have a “successful, positive life and future.
Hmmmm ….. Well to be completely honest, yes, there IS a hidden truth in there somewhere. But if pushing the New Faith of Positivity isn’t done in a positive manner, then it’s really only creating more Negativity.

Real Positivity is not even actually in essence an action, it’s a VIBE. A subtle, constant, underlying ‘feeling’. Not even an emotion. It’s just a clear, elevated personal Vibe… a raised Vibration; to be a little scientific.
So, for us to be able to “control” our level of positivity, It’s pretty important that we understand what it actually is and what it is not!

Some would have us believe that “being positive” is about somehow blocking certain emotions. Somehow only allowing what are seen as “positive” emotions to be expressed. But hey, just for the record, ALL emotions can be positive. They only become negative when we hold on to them for too long; like a hot coal, they can burn us. With this incorrect theory of positivity (even if someone traps your finger in a door on purpose) your response should be, “THANK YOU, I HOPE IT WAS GOOD FOR YOU, WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO IT AGAIN?”. – Of course accompanied by a beaming smile and to act in any other way would be seen as negative. We all know that’s just not realistic. Unachievable for any of us and also unhealthy for both people.

Even people who have spent years nurturing a Positive Vibe will allow themselves to feel and express the whole spectrum of emotions. The trick is, that if you have a “Positive Vibe Level (running as your background App) you will be able to experience every emotion but not let it affect your Vibe. Try to remember, It is an emotional moment or hour or day, but it is NOT your identity. It is a feeling created within you connected to a situation. Sadness for example, is NOT negative when you feel it in the situation it is connected to. “I am Feeling sad” is an honest, positive statement. Whereas “I am Sad “or “She is a sad person” is identifying yourself or another by that emotion. You just need to feel them. You are here to feel them, but not hold on to them. Your positive vibe can be safely returned to after your “visit” from the emotion.

Be it fear, anger, sadness, or even extreme happiness! See them as visitors. Some invited, some
uninvited. Let them in, have a cup of tea and drink it to the last drop. Feel every mouthful then open the door, allow them to leave, say “goodbye for now” and close the door behind them.

Give a HUGE smile and LET IT GO!!!!!

YOU are your Vibe, NOT your emotions!!!