How to write a letter: a lost art?

27th May 2020

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How (and why) to write a letter

letter to Harry PotterIt was a very special moment for Harry, and the first piece of post he’d ever received. More than just communication, this made him feel special; someone knew who he was, and cared.

Now we have so many ways of communicating instantly, such as video chat, we write fewer and fewer personal letters. However the easier it is to do,the less special it feels. Is anyone storing up an ageing, yellowed stack of love emails or texts? Will historians feel the same joy at discovering a collection of emails which have been archived away coldly? Never creased, thumbed, stained with tears, or spritzed with perfume?

Now is the time to write a good old fashioned letter and let someone know you’re thinking of them. It could be a friend 3 streets away, or a relative from the other side of the world.

Letter Writing Help

We’ve been inspired by Royal Mail’s beautiful Send a Letter¬†campaign, which is full of useful letter writing tips to show someone you care.

Today we’re also sharing some resources of our own resources to help you discover the lost art of writing a letter. These videos and worksheets (which are also in our English curriculum)¬† will help you to plan and structure your thoughts and show you how to format the letter.

How to write a letter

Letter Writing Tips

If you’re stuck for writing, how about these?

  1. Thank someone for their hard work and sacrifice during isolation
  2. Do you know anyone isolating alone? Send them some updates and ask how they’re coping
  3. Offer your condolences and love to those who could do with a bit of support
  4. Send some photos or artwork to a school friend
  5. Learn some Calligraphy – Royal Mail has a great video to help with this too!
  6. Write to a Member of Parliament or local leader to share your ideas

Learn How!

We have 4 short videos packed with sensational guidance for you (they’ll play one after the other). You’ll also need our Letter Writing Worksheet and Letter Writing Template.

We’ll meet again; but until that time comes, a letter is worth a lot.

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