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29th June 2020

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We want to make setting homework and home learning as easy as possible for teachers, tutors and coaches; and get as many students as possible participating!

Many of our clients have asked us to develop a work setting and tracking feature; we’re really proud to launch this for you today!

Flexibility & Focus

Whilst some students are able to work really independently, choosing the right lessons and activities for them, others can get lost in the huge number of courses and lessons available on YFT. The ‘Set & Track Tasks’ feature gives them a clear focus to work towards. Our initial trials indicate that the feature improves student engagement – they log in more and complete more lessons – and that’s great news!

Using the Set & Track Tasks feature you can set weekly homework, holiday or home learning revision tasks, or post-assessment actions to help students improve their areas of weakness. The best part is – you don’t have to make or mark any of the activities!

Set Some Homework!

The new tool allows you to select one or more students from your group/groups. Once you’ve chosen a course, you can choose one or more lessons to set students. Each lesson takes on average an hour to complete (though this varies quite a lot depending on the course and topic).

With more than 60 courses and hundreds of lessons, you’ve got a whole library of resources ready to go whenever you are!

When they’re set a piece of homework, students will receive an email notification. We’ll also give them a prompt the day before it’s due (and the day after), if they haven’t finished yet.

You can see a list of the tasks you’ve set and easily track who has completed each task.

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