28th October 2018

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“I gotta have faith, faith, faith…”

A wise prophet was once asked which religion was correct.  

He said religion is like trying to get to an island in the middle of the sea. There are many boats available. You select the skipper in whom you have the most trust, and the boat which seems most seaworthy. You may laugh at your neighbour who chooses the rowing boat – but then, how do you know your engine won’t break down, and you’ll be left adrift while he reaches the island safely? 

You can’t be sure, but you must choose one boat or the other. You can’t “hedge your bets” by travelling with one foot in your boat and the other in his — you’ll end up in the water. 

The important thing is that we choose our boat and commit ourselves 100% to our own journey. And we should respect the choice of others who choose the other boat. 

I asked a good friend of mine, Jean the Bean, what faith meant to her. This was her reply… 

I became a Jesus follower unexpectedly. I was looking for God but not the God of the bible………after all I’d grown up attending a Roman Catholic church and it had done nothing for me. 

I decided to explore other faiths and read English translations of their books of faith. I didn’t find what I was looking for. I decided I was looking for something non-existent and life carried on. I was probably in the best place I’d ever been in some ways. I had a stable marriage and a family I loved. However, I had always had inner anger issues and I had always felt alone. Even within my family or with a crowd of friends there was still this feeling of emptiness. 

Sometime after this I read an autobiography. A lady wrote about surgery she had undergone. In the middle of her operation her heart stopped beating and she was resuscitated. She went on to talk about an experience she had while this was going on. How she met with Jesus. 

A strange thing happened to me as I read this account. The only way I can explain it is to say it was like looking at one of those pictures. You know the ones with crazy patterns and squiggles. As you relax your vision a clear picture suddenly emerges. You wonder how you didn’t see it before. It’s so clear! You can’t unsee it now! 

That was my experience. I couldn’t unsee Jesus now. He was real. I knew He was God. I knew my search had ended. I felt complete for the first time ever. 

Jesus said to His friends “follow me”. I can’t think of anything else I would rather do now. I am happy to be known as a Christian.  

We should respect any religion with the foundational principles of love, unity, tolerance, and kindness. 

Wise words Jean the Bean.