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8th June 2020

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One thing which sets us apart from others is the breadth and depth of our curriculum.

Course IndexWhether you’re using YFT to revise and practice or learn fresh content, you deserve more than a 1-minute recap and 5-question quiz. You deserve clear, full explanation of concepts. Even better if it’s presented by an expert teacher who knows how to explain their subject.

Students need fully developed units broken into bite-sized lessons, each accompanied by videos, downloadable resources and quizzes, to make progress over time. Not just a couple of shallow quiz questions!

Our comprehensive curriculum resources can support you when you’re unsure, and help you to build deep knowledge to achieve your best.

Have a look at our Course Index to see what we have on offer.

What’s In A Course?

An Inspector Calls is the nation’s most popular choice for English Literature Paper 2, Section 1. The play’s timeless themes of social responsibility and class struggle, coupled with the mysterious Inspector Goole, make it a favourite for students and teacher alike.

Our An Inspector Calls course contains 92 components, including 10 videos, a podcast, quizzes, practice exam questions, downloadable worksheets and more; enough for any budding young reader to study the text thoroughly from start to finish!

Lesson 1: Plot Overview

  • Video
  • Eva Smith’s Suicide
  • Features of a Play
  • An Inspector Calls Overview Quiz
  • An Inspector Calls Character Quiz
  • An Inspector Calls Vocabulary Quiz
  • Play Terminology Worksheet

Lesson 2: Arthur & Sybil Birling

  • Video
  • Arthur Birling
  • Dramatic Irony with Arthur Birling
  • Sybil Birling
  • Mr and Mrs Birling Quiz
  • Mr Birling Worksheet
  • Mrs Birling Worksheet
  • Mr Birling Quotes Worksheet

Lesson 3: Sheila Birling

  • Video
  • Sheila Birling
  • Sheila Birling Quotes
  • Sheila Birling Practise Questions
  • Sheila Birling Quiz
  • Sheila Birling Character Worksheet

Lesson 4: Eric Birling & Gerald Croft

  • Video
  • Eric Birling
  • Gerald Croft
  • Gerald and Eric Practise Questions
  • Eric and Gerald Quiz
  • Eric Birling Character Worksheet
  • Gerald Croft Character Worksheet
  • Gerald Worksheet
  • Eric Birling Cheat Sheet

Lesson 5: Eva Smith

  • Video
  • Eva Smith
  • Eva Smith Quotes
  • Symbolism
  • Inequality
  • Eva Smith Practise Questions
  • Eva Smith Quiz
  • Getting to Know Eva Worksheet
  • Eva Smith Character Worksheet

Lesson 6: Inspector Goole

  • Video
  • Inspector Goole
  • Inspector’s Questioning
  • Inspector’s Quotes
  • Inspector Goole Practise Questions
  • Inspector Goole Quiz
  • Inspector Goole Character Worksheet

Lesson 7: Themes and Ideas

  • Video
  • Power
  • Conflict
  • Generation Gap
  • Gender Expectations
  • Gender Expectations (Continued)
  • Themes and Ideas Practise Questions
  • Themes and Ideas Quiz
  • Themes and Ideas Worksheet
  • Tension Worksheet
  • Generation Gap Worksheet

Lesson 8: Socialism and Responsibility

  • Video
  • Socialism
  • Capitalism
  • Collective Responsibility
  • Socialism and Responsibility Quiz
  • Responsibility Chain Worksheet

Lesson 9: Context

  • Video
  • Historical Events
  • Edwardian Period
  • Edwardian Period (Continued)
  • Context Practise Questions
  • Context Quiz
  • Titanic Worksheet

Lesson 10: JB Priestley; the Man and the Message

  • Video
  • JB Priestley’s Message
  • JB Priestley Quiz
  • Priestley’s Message Worksheet
  • Further Your Understanding Worksheet

Additional Resources

  • Personalised Learning Checklist: An Inspector Calls
  • Biblical References Worksheet
  • Character Overviews Worksheets
  • Who Is To Blame? Worksheet
  • Mr Birling Cheat Sheet
  • Exam Questions: Set 1
  • Exam Questions: Set 2
  • Exam Questions: Set 3
  • Podcast
  • Overview Reading
  • Mr & Mrs Birling Reading
  • Sheila Birling Reading
  • Eric & Gerald Reading
  • Eva Smith Reading
  • Inspector Google Reading
  • Themes & Ideas Reading
  • Socialism & Responsibility Reading
  • Context Reading

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