EDUQAS LP2 Question 6 Overview

For question six, you’ll be asked to compare the writers’ attitudes towards the shared topic for question six, thinking about how they get their point across.  You need to comment on how the writers’ viewpoints are similar or different. You need to write about how the writers use language and structure to achieve effects to do well in this question.

For ten marks, you should be making three comparisons, using six quotes (three from each source).

You’ll probably need about 10-15 minutes for this question, in order to make it as detailed as possible.



  • Identify different writers’ ideas and perspectives
  • Compare the methods used by different writers to convey their ideas


Use comparative connectives to indicate the similarities or differences between the two sources. You won’t get marks without them!


Look at comparisons or contrasts from the beginning, middle and end of the

sources. This way, you’re showing you understand everything, rather than just focusing on a specific section


In the same way…Unlike
As with…On the other hand…