EDUQAS LP2 Question 4 Overview

Question four is an opinion based question, which focuses on one source. This question asks you to evaluate the text by giving your opinion on the writer’s views, so you will be asked what you think and feel about a specific aspect of the source.

Use the bullet points to guide you, so include plenty of evidence from the source you’re focusing on and comment on the techniques the writer uses to convey his/her opinions.

This question is worth ten marks, so you need to come up with 6-8 points with quotes to back up what you’re saying.



  • Critically evaluate texts, giving a personal opinion about how successful the writing is
  • Provide detailed evidence from the text to support your opinion


To show you’re clearly giving your opinion, useful phrases to use in your response would be

  • ‘I think the writer has a point because…’
  • ‘I feel this isn’t relevant to a modern reader because…’

It’s good to comment on whether or not the topic relates to the modern reader. This will give you some good points to explore.

Explore the writer’s word choice and also tone. Would it make you take the topic seriously dependent on the tone?