EDUQAS LP2 Question 2 Overview


Like question one, question two will ask you to refer to one specific source before you get to the detail. You’re being tested on your ability to explain and analyse how the writer has used language to achieve a certain effect.

This question is worth ten marks, so you need to come up with 6-8 points, using quotes to support.

This is a ‘how’ question, which are about the methods he writer uses and their effects on the reader. You should be writing about language, tone and structure for this question.



  • Explain how writers use language and structure to achieve their purpose and influence readers
  • Use terminology to support your analysis of language and structure


Where possible, give relevant subject terminology. This can either be the language feature used, or word class if you’re writing about a specific word.

For top marks, analyse specific vocabulary choices in detail and make sure you link your answers back to the question. Comments on the tone of a text as part of your analysis would also be good. Consistently refer back to effect on the reader.