EDUQAS LP1 Question 5

This is the final question for the reading section of your exam. As always, you’ll be directed towards a specific section, BUT for question five, you’re invited to consider the passage as a whole as well.

You’ll be given a statement about the text, followed by ‘to what extent do you agree with this view?’

This means you need to evaluate the text by explaining how much you agree with the statement. You can disagree, but don’t spend your whole response talking about how you disagree.

You’ll be given bullet points to support you, which links to the statement. Look at the example below to help you.


Read lines 35 to the end.

“In the last two paragraphs of this passage, the writer encourages the reader to feel sympathy for the characters.”

To what extent do you agree with this view?

You should write about:

  • Your own impressions of the characters, both here and in the passage as a whole
  • How the writer has created these impressions

You must give your own opinion of the text and the methods the writer has used to create these opinions.

You need to focus mainly on the last section of the text, but you can (and should) refer to the whole text as well.

This could be where you may disagree with the statement as it doesn’t reflect what may have happened previously.

You should always include plenty of from the text to support your points.