EDUQAS LP1 Question 4

Question four is another language analysis question. As always, you’ll be directed towards a specific section of the text, so draw your boxes!

Like question two, you should be writing about the methods the writer has used to achieve the intended effect on the reader. So, you need to be using subject specific terminology wherever possible.


Example of subject specific terminology:

Word Class: adjective, verb, adverb, noun, preposition etc…

Language features: simile, metaphor, sibilance, pathetic fallacy, personification etc…

Unlike question two, question four is worth ten marks, so you should be selecting 7-10 words or phrases from the section you’re being asked to look at.

Question four will also give you bullet points linked to the question stem to support.

Try not to spend more than 13-15 minutes on this question.



Read lines 20-28.

How does the writer make these lines exciting?

You should write about:

  • The writer’s use of language to create excitement
  • How the text’s structure builds excitement
  • The effects on the reader

Three points


Specific words/phrases used (extracting quotes from the text, identifying language features used)

The use of different sentence types and their effect. Also any patterns such as repetition etc.

How the use of language/structure engages the reader and creates the ‘excitement’ (or whatever you’re asked to comment on)