EDUQAS LP1 Question 3

Question three will always start with ‘what impression do you get’ about something to do with the text. Like all the questions in this section of the paper, you’ll be directed towards a specific section, so draw a box around this to stop yourself picking quotes from outside of this area.

By ‘impression’, it means giving your own view on the place, event or character when you read what is said about them.

It’s asking you how part of the text influences you as a reader, which would mean linking specific thoughts or feelings to the quotes you’re picking out.

With ten marks available for this question, you should be picking out 7-10 quotes. You’re going to pick up marks for the following things:

how well you pick apart the quotes you’ve chosen, linking to the question stem.

this is where you give your impression. What does it make you think or feel? Happy, sad, confused, angry? WHY? Be specific!

When answering question three, try to follow these steps:

  1. State the impression you got. ‘We get the impression that…’
  2. Quote + technique used or word class. ‘The use of the simile/adjective…’
  3. Analysis of the quote ‘These words give connotations of…’