AQA LP2 Compare Purpose and Effect

The most important question in Language Paper 2 is question 4.

The comparison of the author’s methods. This question is worth a total of 16 marks.

This question is worth 20% of the whole language paper.

Did you know that the actual title of language paper 2 is called writers viewpoints and perspectives.

Not only does this question require you to analyse the effects of each author’s language choices and the way they’ve structured the text. It also requires you to compare the purpose and effect of both author’s work, pointing out the similarities and differences.

Sometimes you’re not just comparing different perspectives and feelings – the question might even ask you to compare their attitudes or their different ideas on a given topic.

You should:

  • Compare their different perspectives and feelings
  • Compare the methods the writers use to convey their different perspectives and feelings
  • Support your response with references to both text

A good place to begin is to think about the author’s purpose for writing the piece – you can start by looking at the title.

Ideally, we want to gather about 3 ideas on how the writer’s perspectives and feelings are different before we begin writing.

So, what do we need to look for when trying to find the writer’s different perspectives and feelings?

  • Emotive Language
  • Narrative Perspective
  • Repetition
  • Semantic fields
  • Titles