AQA LP2 Question 4 Write-Up

Question 4 is worth around 16 marks.

With this question, you need to refer to the whole of source A and source B.

When answering this question our job is to make it very specific what the difference is.

When you begin to write any of your paragraphs it’s important that you state the main difference between the texts.

Your paragraph points should:

  • Refer to a specific difference
  • Use connectives
  • Use comparitives

You can use the method to state how the author’s feelings and perspectives are different.

Often what happens when students write their answers for question 4 is they forget the most important part: to compare.

When explaining the differences, there are a few options as to what you can do:

  • Summarise the differences you’ve analysed.
  • Explain what the readers think about this difference.
  • Explain why these differences might have been caused.

Question 4 is worth 16 marks, 20% of your whole paper, so it is worth taking the time to plan!