AQA LP2 Finding Effective Language

Question 3 focuses on the writer’s use of language.

Question 3 is 12 marks and is usually a nonfiction piece.

In order to gain grade 5 overall, you want to try to gain at least 7 marks on this question. In order to get gain at least 7-9 marks on this question you need to:

  • Provide a clear comment on the author’s language and its effects.
  • uses a relevant range of textual evidence to support.
  • Use of subject terminology is clear and accurate.

Ideally, you’ll need to write 3 paragraphs in which you cover all of those assessment criteria.

Examiners don’t just want you to just name every simile, anecdote and violent imagery under the sun; you need to find devices with effects that you can explain.

Steps to help you find effective language to analyse:

  • Stick to simple word choices- well-chosen verbs and adjectives.
  • Look for repetition
  • Avoid what you don’t understand
  • What does the author want- find out the author’s purpose!