We’ll now look at how to answer question 2.

In the particular question shown in the video, we are asked to focus on identifying and summarising the different activities that the boys enjoy.

We are advised to approach the question using 


Which stands for statement, quote, interference – a simple three-step process which will help you make your summary clear and effective.

  • S stands for statement, you need to formulate a sentence which makes it clear you can summarise how the two boy’s play differently.
  • Q stands for quote, a reminder that whatever differences you identify, you need brief quotes in your paragraph.
  • I stands for inference, an important skill you need, to be able to summarise the differences between each text. Here, you want to briefly explain what you can infer about each source.

You can either write SQI – a statement about both texts, quotes from both, and then a final inference about the difference.

or – a statement and quote from one source, followed by a statement and quote from the second source, followed by a final inference about their difference.


The most important thing to remember is to use clear quotes from the text and to summarise the implied difference you picked up on!

The summary question only asks you to pick out explicit information!