AQA LP2 Features of a letter

The skill of writing a good letter is still something that will serve you well not only in your language exam, but in life too.

A letter, at its minimum, must include:

  • Paragraphs
  • An indication that your letter is sent from yourself to someone else.

Further, more detailed features of a letter include:

  • The use of addresses (to and from)
  • A date (on which the letter is written)
  • A formal address to your recipient. I.e. Dear Sir/Madam or, if a name is given, Dear whoever.
  • A sign off appropriate for a letter. I.e.yours sincerely or yours faithfully.

It’s a good idea to end a letter asking them to write back or stating that you will be looking forward to hearing their reply, or even that you are thankful for the time they have taken to read your letter.

Here’s just a few helpful tips to remind you what makes a good formal letter:

  • Avoid saying “I am writing to you because.
  • Use manners.
  • Speak to a superior. This one kind of goes along with the last tone, but think about writing in the kind of tone with which you might address someone who is your superior.
  • Explain why you are writing.

A lot of your mark is based on how well you can match the given purpose, audience, and format!

Getting the look of a letter right goes a long way to making a lasting impression!