AQA LP1 Finding Evidence

Question 4 is often considered the evaluation question. This question usually asks you whether you agree with a statement or not. You need to find the evidence as to why you agree. You need to look for points for and against and thoughtfully weigh up your argument.

The steps


One: Write about your impression of the text

Two: Evaluate how the writer has created this impression.

Three: Support your opinions with references to the text.


Some useful phrases to include


For example: gives you an opportunity to introduce evidence to prove a point.

This could suggest: allows you to begin interpreting what a quote tells readers.

Readers could also think that gives a good bridge from one piece of evidence to the next.

The fact that again helps you introduce evidence and explain why it proves the statement.

Therefore is a great way, to sum up, your points. Use therefore to conclude your paragraphs and make it clear you are focused on the statement at hand.