AQA LP1 Analysing Structure

It’s important that, when reading the text, you try to break the source down into 3 parts: beginning, middle, and end.

In the easiest possible terms, think of the beginning as the starting point of the text:

what is the

Who are the

What  already exist?

The middle of a text is all the things which occur to change or develop that beginning. What happens to the characters? How does the setting change? What do characters choose to do or say? What issues are added into the mix because of their actions?

Since we’ve broken down the text into beginning, middle, and end, and then used the what, how, and why in order to go through each section, the whole of that text is now much more manageable and ready for us to analyse.

We can refer to specific paragraphs or sentences in which the setting or characters change, as well as those paragraphs and sentences that reveal new information to us and compare that information with what we knew before.

Being able to do all of this will make answering that question – writing out what the author has chosen, how we see them structuring the text purposefully, and why they have made these choices – much easier.