AQA LP1 Time, Place and Atmosphere

Creating a good setting is a key component of a successful story, setting along with character and conflict is one of the most important parts of a piece of fiction. You can use seasons, months, years and name specific locations to create a strong atmosphere for your story.

Three key components


  • Time: When a story’s events occur.
  • Place: Where the events in a story occur.
  • Atmosphere: The mood and feeling of the time and place of events.

When shifting direction in your story, you might want to change the time and place. Once your setting has been established, you can change it, revisit it, or explore new settings.

Three key points


A few things you need to consider is thinking about how you can establish, develop and change the setting in a compelling way.

  • Establish: Create a clear time and place.
  • Develop: Develop the atmosphere with your language, so it matches the atmosphere you intended.
  • Change: Change your time and place, whether it’s the month, the place, the season, or the weather.