LOTF: Civilisation and Barbarity Key Quotes

When answering a theme based question, make sure that your quotes suit the theme and you’re able to pick out key words to boost your analysis and interpretations.

Quotes on civilisation:


‘Piggy was… so full of pride in his contribution to the good of society’ (chapter 8)

Pridenoun – shows that Piggy still cares deeply about the good of society

Contributionverb – Piggy wants to help, a sign of empathy to help others whilst away from civilised life.

‘Here, invisible yet strong, was the taboo of the old life’ (chapter 4)

Invisibleadjective – implies that civilisation is slipping away from the boys

Taboonoun – shows, at this point, the boys are still restricted by the society they left behind


Quotes on barbarity  (chapter 10)


‘There was a vicious snarling in the mouth of the shelter…’

Vicious adjective – highlights how the boys have turned savage.

Snarling – verb – animalises the boys, as if they’ve lost all humanity.

‘Like a dozen others were rolling over and over, hitting, biting, scratching.’

Dozen others – stresses how the majority of the boys have turned barbaric

Hitting, biting, scratchingverbs – power of three highlights the violence happening between the boys as they slip further away from civilisation.

‘[Ralph] began to pound the mouth below him, using his clenched fist as a hammer…’

Poundverb – implies force and strength

Clenchedverb – connotations of anger and stress

Hammernoun – object used with force to deliver sudden impact

‘The screams of the Littluns and Piggy’s gasps were once more audible.’

Screamsverb – implies distress and fear

Gaspsverb – suggests shock