LOTF: Civilisation and Barbarity Practise Questions

Explore how Golding presents civilisation and barbarity in the novel.

Example plan

Introduction – explain briefly the difference between civilisation and barbarity, then list the characters you will be talking about which link. (Always use at least two characters)

Point 1 – Ralph as the leader and the one most of the boys look up to.

Point 2 – Jack as Ralph’s opposite and how he becomes barbaric throughout the novel.

Point 3 – Simon and how he represents the kinder, more civilised side of human nature. Could reference how his death foreshadows the downfall of civilisation on the island.

Point 4 – Roger as the most barbaric on the island. How he deliberately bullies the younger boys and kills Piggy.

Conclusion – Sum up how each character represents the theme and if you talk about more than two characters, which one represents the theme the most.