DNA: Cathy Practice Question

Have you started to write practice essays yet? If not, now would be a great time to give it a go. Take a look at the practice question below, along with an example paragraph.

Remember, you get 30 marks for your essay, plus an extra 4 marks for technical accuracy. We’d advise you spend no more than 45 minutes on planning and writing your essay.

How is Cathy presented as a self-centred and heartless individual?

Sample Paragraph:

Cathy is quite focused on her own self-promotion with her instant attraction to the media circus that surrounds the disappearance of Adam. Rather than being concerned with a classmate’s injury or death and showing some empathy, she does not give a second thought to Adam but can only think of  being on the ‘telly’ and getting an ‘interview’. She is very much a product of the digital age which encourages self-promotion and individualism through the proliferation of social media focusing on the banal and trivial lives of individuals who have no particular talents or claim to fame.