Cathy Key Quotes

‘Talk about mad. It’s quite exciting as well though, isn’t it?’ (Act 1)

Possible Interpretation: Cathy is one of the characters who seems to thrive on violence. She found the whole bullying incident quite exhilarating and energising rather than sickening which is likely the reaction of most members of the audience. Comments like this hint at her future acts of senseless violence, from murdering Adam to biting off a student’s finger.


‘It was great.’ (Act 2)

Possible Interpretation: Cathy is enjoying the whole media circus surrounding the ‘disappearance’ and possible ‘death’ of Adam. Her short and blunt comment shows a complete lack of empathy for Adam’s plight and a macabre fascination with the subject of death.


‘They wanted to interview me.’ (Act 2)

Possible Interpretation: Cathy is completely indifferent to the suffering and death of Adam and instead sees the media interest in the story as an opportunity for self-promotion. She seems obsessed with her own ego and the possibility of achieving some degree of notorious fame due to her links to Adam. This could be linked to the wider cultural trend of the twenty-first century that has an unhealthy fascination with celebrity culture.


‘get on the telly’ (Act 2)

Possible Interpretation: Cathy is once again showing her obsession with fame and ‘celebrity culture’. Self-promotion and fame are seen as ultimate goals in life to the detriment of morality and all sense of respect for fellow humans.


‘Well, we thought, you know, I mean you’d given a description, so we thought well, I thought, you know, show initiative, we’ll look for a fat balding postman with bad teeth.’ (Act 3)

Possible Interpretation: Cathy here seems to be not quite following Phil’s instructions and taking things into her own hands. This is quite possibly an attempt to ingratiate herself with Phil and gain his favour. However, she demonstrates her lack of intelligence in implicating a real person in the cover-up scheme. She does not realise that this could risk the safety of the whole gang and their lies might be exposed. This act also shows a shocking indifference to the plight of this poor postman. He could be jailed yet she seems indifferent. Such callousness is sure to shock the audience.


‘I threatened to gauge one of his eyes out’ (Act 3 – about Adam getting him out of the hedge)

Possible Interpretation: Cathy is becoming increasingly more violent and off-putting as the play progresses and this quote is sure to pit the audience against her. Another way of considering her behaviour is seeing her losing her ‘humanity’ and becoming increasingly ‘animalistic’ like the chimps that Leah refers to.