Romeo and Juliet: Romeo Key Themes


Romeo is a romantic character and the elaborate language he uses conveys themes of love. His life is centered around it and his emotions tend to fluctuate as a result of his romances. Romeo is well versed on the language of love and speaks it eloquently. When he falls in love with Rosaline the language he uses to express his feeling are heavy and despairing, which conveys his negative emotional state. When Romeo falls in love with Juliet the language he uses to express his love for her is passionate and full of life.


Conflict is an important theme in the novel and a lot of it takes place in the play. Despite being a slightly aggressive character Romeo is not a trouble maker and does not fight unless there is a good enough reason for it. Unlike Tybalt who enjoys engaging in brawls, Romeo fights only if there is a good enough reason. After the murder of Mercutio, Romeo feels enraged and seeks to revenge. And when he hears of the death of Juliet, he is filled with grief. This forces him to kill Paris when he arrives at Juliet’s tomb.


Romeo feels the power of fate and is afraid that the stars are against him, “some consequence yet hanging in the stars.” And he feels as though he cannot free himself from doom. It adds an element of fear and darkness to the play as he speaks of feeling trapped under the power of fate. However, the role of fate may be used as an excuse for him to place blame, allowing him to avoid taking responsibility for his actions.