Romeo and Juliet: Romeo Character Traits


When Romeo falls in love with Rosaline, he is overcome with sadness and describes himself as having “a soul full of led”. Despite his friend’s encouragement to find another girl, he cannot come to terms with the prospect. When he sees Juliet at the masquerade ball he falls immediately in love with her forgetting all about Rosaline. He speaks very elaborately about the experience of love, however, it is suggested that Romeo understands the language of love more than the emotion itself. When he kisses Juliet, she says “you kiss by th’book’ which suggests that he doesn’t put much emotion into his affections or lacks real experience. However, he is a loyal character and makes “a faithful vow” when he decides to marry Juliet suggesting that he has strong values and seeks to honour them.



Romeo can be considered a fickle character, and his emotions tend to fluctuate quite frequently. This is apparent when he falls in love with Rosaline, only to forget her completely once he lays eyes on Juliet. When Romeo and Juliet first meet, their love develops at an extremely fast pace and he is warned in the play to “go wisely and slow” however, he does not take heed, showing his somewhat immature nature. Unlike Juliet, he is haphazard and less cautious, he acts swiftly and passionately, leading him into unfortunate situations.


Romeo finds himself embroiled in a fight with Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin. Despite not wanting to cause a fight, he is provoked and prepared to fight, to avenge over Mercutio’s death. As a result of killing Tybalt, he is banished from Verona. He is willing to take risks and his need to fight shows his brave and aggressive nature, however, his lack of parental guidance could also be a reason for his reckless behavior. The fact that he loves so dearly that he is willing to give up his life for it shows that he is not afraid to follow his heart, even if it costs him his life.