Romeo and Juliet: Act Four

Friar Lawrence speaks to Paris about his marriage to Juliet. He explains that the reason for their marriage is an effort to stop Juliet from feeling upset about Tybalt. Paris briefly speaks to Juliet, and she snubs him. Juliet then turns to Friar Lawrence threatening to kill herself and Friar Lawrence comes up with a plan, suggesting Juliet marry Paris under false pretense. He hands Juliet over a sleeping potion that would allow her to fall into a deep slumber. People would assume she is dead the wedding will be called off. Juliet would be placed in a tomb, and Friar Lawrence will send a letter to Romeo explaining everything. He will then return with Romeo to awake her, allowing them both to escape and live away from their families. 

Juliet follows through with the plan and pretends to change her mind about marrying Paris. This surprises her parents, who are thrilled to hear that she will go ahead with the marriage and preparations for her wedding swiftly begin. When Juliet learns that the date of the wedding has moved a day closer she begins to fear the possible effects of the potion. However, she has since developed a sense of bravery and decides to take matters into her own hands. She drinks the potion and falls into a deep sleep. Soon after, the Capulet family and Paris find Juliet ‘dead,’ and Friar Lawrence suggests they swiftly prepare for her funeral.