DNA: Guilt, Responsibility and Morality Key Quotes

Let’s focus on some key quotes that fit the themes. We’ve given you two quotes with possible interpretations as a model. Use the downloadable worksheet to explore this theme in more depth.

‘I’m in charge. Everyone is happier. What’s more important: one person or everyone?’

(Phil, Act 3)

Possible Interpretation: Phil shows here that he is willing to sacrifice the individual for the group or ‘herd’. He does away with any sense of guilt or moral responsibility and takes on a cynical or ‘machiavellian’ view of the situation as he thinks that the safety of the group takes precedence over the life of an individual. He is applying the famous saying often associated with cynical politics and power-thirsty individuals; ‘the end justifies the means’.

‘”If you go now and you say nothing to no-one about this, you won’t be in trouble.” JAN thinks. Nods to MARK. They go.’

(Phil, Act 3)

Possible Interpretation: Phil is a manipulative and very intelligent leader. He perceives the moral discomfort of Jan and Mark and gives them an easy ‘way out’ so they don’t have to think too hard about the consequences for Adam.