AIC Gerald and Eric Practise Questions

Answer the following questions


  1. What does Eric say halfway down page 50 that shows his anger towards Mrs Birling?
  2. What do the Birling’s learn about Eric?
  3. What does Eric suggest that he has done to Eva? (Page 52)
  4. With close mention to Eric’s attitude towards Eva, discuss the relationship between wealthy young men and working-class women.
  5. What is revealed about Eric and Mr Birling’s relationship on page 54?
  6. Explain what Priestley’s use of punctuation on page 55 tells us of Eric’s distress.
  7. How does the relationship between Mrs Birling and Eric change over the last Act.
  8. In the second act and what does Priestley do to contrast Eva’s behaviour with that of Arthur Birling and Gerald Croft’s?
  9. Discuss the change in Sheila and Gerald’s relationship in Act Two.
  10. Consider Mr and Mrs Birling’s reaction to learning that Gerald has been involved with another woman.
  11. Discuss why you think Sheila wants her relationship to work with Gerald.