AIC: Sybil Birling

Sybil Birling


Her main role in Eva’s death comes to light in Act Two. After Sheila heard Gerald’s confession to being involved in Eva he left to go for a walk. In this moment the Inspector showed Mrs Birling the photo of Eva. Mrs Birling grudgingly confesses that she saw a pregnant Eva two weeks ago when she came to the Brumley Women’s Charity Organisation to ask for financial assistance.

As the chairwoman, Mrs Birling made it clear to the committee that Eva’s appeal should be rejected because she was calling herself Mrs Birling and because she saw no reason why the responsibility of the unborn baby should be anybody else’s but the fathers. Eva told her that the father was providing her with money but she was rejecting it because she believed it to be stolen, but Mrs Birling would not budge. When discussing it with the Inspector, Mrs Birling still claimed that she was only doing her duty and takes no responsibility in Eva’s death.

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