ACC Redemption Key Quotes

Redemption is another key theme in the novel. Even though you get an extract in front of you, you must make sure you’ve got a few quotes up your sleeves from across the whole novel. Below are four key quotes to get you started.

‘external heat and cold had little influence on Scrooge’ (Stave One)

Possible Interpretation: Suggests little can be done to change his state of mind, so redemption will be difficult. ‘External heat’ could imply that Scrooge remains unaffected by the kindness of those around him. The adjective ‘little’ hints that there is some hope for Scrooge’s redemption.

The Ghost of Christmas Past notices Scrooge’s “lip is trembling” and asks “what is that upon your cheek” (Stave Two)

Possible Interpretation: Verb ‘trembling’ suggests Scrooge is fighting back emotion, despite Dickens saying little can influence him in stave one. Scrooge is looking at childhood memories, which suggests he wasn’t always bitter and nasty. As he pieces together his past and accepts his responsibility for wrong doings, he’s able to free up space in his heart for kindness and change.

“I will honour Christmas in my heart… I will live in the past, present and the future…I will not shut out the lessons that they teach” (Stave Four)

Possible Interpretation: Dickens repeats the imperative ‘I will’, which emphasises Scrooge’s desperation to redeem himself. A frantic tone is created, which suggests Scrooge is scared of his fate and wants to do anything he can to avoid it. The phrase ‘honour Christmas’ implies he understands the importance of Christmas being a time of giving and generosity.

“The time before him was his own, to make amends in” (Stave Five)

Possible Interpretation: Highlights Scrooge’s intention to make a positive change based on what the ghosts have shown him. We know he can’t change the past, but ‘to make amends in’ suggests Scrooge will make a conscious effort to become kind, loving and caring.