C1: Simple Distillation

Simple Distillation


Simple distillation is another separation technique that will separate one liquid from another substance, it could be either a liquid or solid, and will leave you with both substances afterwards. Simple distillation could be used to make drinkable water from salt water, or separate ink from water.

In simple distillation, the mixture is heated to the boiling point of the substance you want to extract for example you could heat a mixture of ink and water to 100 oC to extract the water. The water would boil off leaving the ink behind.

So far, it’s like evaporation. Distillation requires that the gas produced by your heating is collected again. This is done by cooling the boiled material back down again so that it condenses and can be collected.

Usually this is done by using a Liebig condenser. This is a long glass tube which allows cool water to flow in at the bottom and exit at the top. This cools the gas to a low enough temperature for it to change back into a liquid again.