Black Friday Sale!

31st October 2019

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Book a demonstration in November 2019 and receive a whopping 25% discount when your school signs up for Your Favourite Teacher*!

PLUS! To get your students feeling positive and working hard, we’ll also give you at least £100 of prizes to give your top students as rewards!



  • Don’t leave revision to the last minute
  • A great tool to support students with post-mock actions
  • Give your colleagues a break
  • Help students to help themselves!

For a free account to try some of our taster courses, register here

*To receive this discount, schools must complete signup by 15th December 2019.
**Offer not available to current Your Favourite Teacher trial schools.

Access GCSE revision resources

With our free trial, you’ll have access to GCSE revision resources including videos, worksheets and more!