Applying to Uni

16th October 2018

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So, you’re applying to university! You’ve got a subject that you love and want to pursue in the next stage of education – you’ve also got what feels like a mountain of things to do and then the small matter of A-Levels to complete before you get there. Well, breathe, we’re here to help you with your application and all things UCAS so that you can focus on getting those grades!

In short this is all you have to do:

  • Create a login, password, and security questions.
  • Add the buzzword given to you by your sixth from/ college.
  • Follow the instructions on UCAS (filling in personal details, an email address, and providing a parent/guardian/advisor access to speak on your behalf if you so wish).

And the rest is simple – I know it doesn’t seem it but it is. There’s loads of support out there for you, including your peers. Don’t forget a lot of them will be going through exactly what you’re going through so help each other out, remind them of deadlines, ask them for advice, and just make the most of your time together!

UCAS can seem extremely complicated and long so my advice is to do it in one sitting if possible and go step by step as they indicate. Before you start make sure to have all of your previous exam certificates to hand, proof of any part-time work, and your personal statement written. The steps are relatively simple and mostly a case of filling in pages of information which although may be tedious is not difficult so don’t fret. Most importantly do not forget to save your application after each stage because you do not want to have to fill it all in again!