Advanced Reading Exercise, Week #2.

4th March 2019

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The answers from last week’s advanced reading quiz are: 1) A ship and 2) A raven/crow. (They look alike therefore we’ll allow either, since the reading exercise was a visual description.)

Congrats to everyone who attempted the exercise, it was a tricky one to start with!

This week’s exercises read:

  • I’m the lifeblood of all, fluid and frigid. The power I grasp can slaughter the safety of a tiny construction, uplift and dissolve it, tout de suite. My depravity however, ends there for my powers are not always used for malice, but rather to provide sustinance and growth for objects of exquisite beauty, colours more vivid and scintillating than one could possibly imagine, constitutions and frames larger than life, and creatures beyond belief. I am the expression of your deepest sorrows and your most engulfing tranquility.

What am I?


  • My shape resembles that of the planet, whilst I orbit around the minds of the famished amongst the light of midday, and the young filled with a longing for the saccharine nature of my flesh. A decadent blanket warms me softly, and smoothes out the ridges of my imperfection. On top of the blanket, lay miniscule, striking orbs of glacé, which roll and crunch en masse. My fantastic qualities have existed for millennia, however as of recent, due to flashing slabs of metal, I have become a somewhat of a sensation on the electrical webs of global information.

What am I?