Advanced Reading Exercise, Week #1.

26th February 2019

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Introduction to the exercise:

The advanced reading exercise is going to be a weekly post, consisting of some ambiguously-worded, very vague descriptions of common objects. These will feature some higher-level vocabulary that you may not encounter in your texts daily, so do feel free to look up definitions of words you do not know and jot them down for future reference. This is exercise is designed specifically to elevate the level of your comprehensive reading, expand your vocabulary, and hopefully provide some inspiration for all your creative writing exercises in your academic careers.

As previously mentioned, this will be a weekly exercise, which gives you a week to figure out what the small excerpts are about and submit your answers in the comment section below- the first three people to guess correctly, as well as the answers (Duh!) will be featured at the beginning of each post, starting as of Week #2.

The Exercise:

1) The life force of the zaffre liquor surrounded me as far as eyes could see. It thrashed, seeping into what the earth has once sprouted, nurtured, and for which it lamented its most grievous valedictions. Red sap which once ran like blood, now a distant memory. The presence of the maritime creature, pristine in its condition, bestowed on my bow as a gift from a faraway land, presently holds in its hands woe and dejection; I bellow on, as the scales of my beloved friend come peeling off with the cerulean daggers of foam and ice.

What am I?


2) My plumage consists of pigments deeper than the eternal abyss, which illuminated by the gleam of the pearl in the sky, dazzles like silk and diamonds. My ilk, famously maleficent, drawn from the pagan ramblings of entities long passed, does not wish for the dark shades of death, but rather the sweet nectar of life. For it is the small bursts of vermilion and berry that satisfy the hunger of the ebony beak adorned between my fluffs, perfectly below a pair of button-like eyes, much alike that of a plush toy, cawing for the attention of the moon and the stars above.


What am I?